from by Union Jack




I often think about the person that you would become,
But it’s a waste of time cause my friend you’re gone, and since you’re gone life’s a bit less fun
Time eases pain, words can do so too, I was so down when we lost you
I wish you were still around
You left a place empty
Like a party with no whisky
A wilted flower, a broken dream, you meant a whole lot to our team
A void that never will be filled, a pain that won’t ever be healed
The world has changed, not for the best, conformism has won the game
We see the same brands everywhere, I see the same bands everywhere
From NYC to Tokyo, overwhelmed with commercial logos
Standardized music for the masses, if you were still here we’d kick some asses
World is so sad below now
Hipsters play on my stereo
Not a pretty picture, what about the future?
Mediocrity is taking over, we expected something better
We all miss you back here
You left a place empty, like a party with no whisky
A void that never will be filled, a pain that won’t ever be healed
We are we are not all the same
Originality’s not a shame, Enjoy your life Outside the frame
I wish you were still around
You left a place empty
A fuckin’ place empty
There was a time when music meant something. Punk was a sound, a working class alarm. Call
it rebellion, revolution, but never fashion. Fuck these clichés, fuck these kids and their dress
codes. Punk means freedom you probably missed or misunderstood something. This world
is sad, apathetic and amnesic. I’m bored of hearing the same songs, from the same bands,
see the the same brands in every fuckin city all around the world. Capitalism breeds conformity,
and we’re all guilty, conformism is capitalism’s weapon. Everybody watches and likes
the same movies, reads the same books, it’s so boring, don’t forget we are fucking unique!


from Supersonic, released February 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Union Jack Paris, France

Angry, raw and percussive, UxJ have been spreading their punk, rock & roll, hardcore and ska influences since 1997. This singular combination, refined along the years, results in the trio’s unique and original sound. The french combo, avid followers of the DIY, friendship and mutual aid ethics, have already released many records and played extensive amounts of shows all across Europe and Canada. ... more

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