Bitter Taste

from by Union Jack




I remember a time when I felt alright, a wife, a home, I was on cloud nine
They’ve made my day, lit up every day, will these feelings ever go away?
In the blink of an eye, your dreams collapse, and you relapse,
since that day I was fired, everything is falling fuckin’down
Cause you don’t know what it feels like, to shiver alone outside
Indifference makes my heart melt, although I’m frozen on the inside
Locked in the street, shuffling my feet
You can’t imagine what your brain can do when you’re thirsty and hungry too,
I could kill for a cozy bed or just a place to rest my head
Social tragedies happen every day, you’re in a dead end way
(when) there’s nothing left for you to cling to
I think of you, I wanna be you, I wanna hot meal every day
Winter is long when things go wrong, I’m waiting for better days
It’s like nowhere I feel at home
Even if everywhere is home
… rummage through your trash
rummage through your trash
If I stay one more day out here, I am sure I’m gonna disappear
It’s cold, deep inside my bones / Living outside ruins all my hopes
I feel like a shadow, I am tired and I’m so cold
Winter is long, endlessly long, Your heart is cold, cold as a stone
Everything goes wrong, It’s hard to stay strong, your heart is cold, Cold as a stone
Winter is long, Endlessly long, Everything goes wrong, Everything goes wrong


from Supersonic, released February 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Union Jack Paris, France

Angry, raw and percussive, UxJ have been spreading their punk, rock & roll, hardcore and ska influences since 1997. This singular combination, refined along the years, results in the trio’s unique and original sound. The french combo, avid followers of the DIY, friendship and mutual aid ethics, have already released many records and played extensive amounts of shows all across Europe and Canada. ... more

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